If FedEx has attempted delivery three times, and no one was present to sign for the package, they will return it to us. There are times that FedEx may hold the package at a FedEx location for 5 business days, however, this is not the case all the time but these details can always be viewed using your tracking number on your order.

If you don't anticipate being present for the delivery, we recommend contacting FedEx and having them hold the shipment at a local FedEx facility so you can retrieve it.  Also, if a package has been held at FedEx for too long, they will return it to us due to the perishable items enclosed.

There is an additional charge of $15 to re-ship a package. If you would not like the package re-sent, we would be happy to credit your Cocktail Courier account for the cost of the items, minus any applicable shipping charges and restocking fee.

A package may also be returned to us if it has been damaged in shipping.  For example, if a bottle has broken and is leaking, it will be sent back to us instead of being delivered to you. This is unfortunate news, and we will be shipping you a replacement kit immediately. Please just let us know if you have received a message from FedEx indicating that this has happened so we can provide you with an updated tracking number.

To avoid these potential issues, many of our customers opt to have their Cocktail Kits shipped to a work location! Our Cocktail Kits are discreetly packaged, so no one will know what goodies your box contains, and co-workers won't invite themselves over for cocktail hour at your house