Mini Size Kits make 2 cocktails. The Mini Kits are a great way to try out a few different varieties of drinks! They're also the ideal size for gifting!

Classic Size Kits make 6-8 cocktails. This size is our classic for a reason, so you can have enough drinks to savor or share! 

Just the Mix Kits make 6-8 cocktails. They're the exact same kits as our "classics" just without alcohol, so you can work your way through your stash with plenty of mixers and suggestions to make those dusty bottles shine!

Party Size Kits are exactly as they sound, serving up enough drinks for crowd! They make 16+ cocktails (usually as a large format punch) but occassionally offer recipe samplers with 4 recipes centered around one base spirit like our Margarita Variety Kit!  

Wondering how many drinks come in the particular Cocktail Kit you're eyeing? Not all cocktails are available in all sizes. Check out the cocktail page (see below) to see what sizes are available and how many servings are in each kit size.