In order to change your delivery schedule, log into your Cocktail Courier account. Then proceed to your subscription dashboard by clicking “My Account”, then “view” under subscriptions and then click the subscription you are interested in viewing.

From here, scroll down until you see the date of your next order and under that heading you will see the prompt “Add or Skip Deliveries.” Use these accordingly, if you have small changes to make to your delivery schedule. These options will take you to a page that shows the upcoming weeks, with a number “1” (or however many kits you’re normally set to receive) with an orange shaker next to it, denoting weeks on which you would normally have a kit shipped out. Simply either reduce numbers if you would like to skip the weeks or raise the numbers if you would like to have more deliveries, making sure to click the orange “Save” button when you are finished!

If you would like to change your delivery frequency (i.e. once a month), head back to your subscription dashboard and click “Edit” under “Preferences.” Here you will be able to change your delivery frequency, again, making sure to click “Save” when you finished making your changes!