If you have recently received a package from Cocktail Courier and you were missing your recipe card, don't worry!

We have temporarily transitioned all cocktail recipe cards to digital recipe cards and made them free and accessible to everyone. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but this is a great way to make a tasty drink, and save some trees. 

If you are a subscriber or account holder, and you purchased the kit under the account you are logged in under, you can find your recipes easily in your account. :) 

Please go to your recipe library (while logged in) to find all the steps you need to make your delicious drinks!


If you received the cocktail kit as a gift, we have a magic way to find all the recipes you need! There should be a card in your box sharing the unique URL stub.

Simply type the URL into your web browser and wait for the page to load.

Then scroll down past kit ingredients, and click on the recipe you need (as shown below). Even if your kit is now unavailable to purchase, the recipes will still be there! 

You now have access to the exact same digital recipe card that account holders have in their account Recipe Library.  Yay!

It will even mark your spot in the recipe as you scroll with a blue highlight, which may be handy after a few sips ;)  


Lost your card?  Fun tip! All our URLs work like this: www.cocktailcourier.com/cocktail/name-of-drink <- this is an example and will not go anywhere :)

So just in case you needed the recipe for our Blackberry Bramble - the URL will be this: https://www.cocktailcourier.com/cocktail/blackberry-bramble/

Once you are there, simply scroll down the page, and click to select your recipe. It's gray text, but it's a link, we promise! :)