There are two reasons this may happen, and both are easy to fix!

First, if your spirit preferences are not varied enough, the system may select a repeat cocktail, simply because there are not enough options for it to choose from.  We recommend selecting more spirit preferences under the Subscriptions tab of your Cocktail Courier account, making sure that you are making changes to the proper subscription.  Make sure to click the "Save" button, to ensure everything registers.

The other reason this may happen is if you have swapped cocktails in the past. Unfortunately, the system does not register the swapped cocktail as something it should not repeat.

In both situations, you can choose to swap cocktails to avoid the repeat. For more information, see the article titled "How Do I Swap My Subscription Cocktail?"

P.S. Not getting a repeat, but you want to have the same cocktail kit as before? Swapping is still the answer! Some customers specifically seek out their favorite kits and swap to drink them again. :)